We stock a wide range of shampoos to keep your dog clean, sweet smelling, and hygenic.  Items include Earthbath, Dermamagic, Burt's Bees, Furminator and much more.
If your dog has long or short fur, or if they need extra care due to a skin condition we have a shampoo for you.
Does your pet run for the hills when you grab the brush and comb? Try our range of detanglers and make both of your lives easier.  Or does your pooch need a little help in the odour department?  Our deodorizers can add a little fresh air into your home.
Groom your dog with gentle, natural ingredients that leave you, your pet, and the environment happy. Bring nature’s solutions to your pet.
If your dog has skin issues please ask us which of our range of products is best for you.
Grooming  can be a wonderful way to relax your pet and it's important for their comfort and health. We stock a range of brushes, clippers, tick removers and grooming mitts to keep your dog looking and feeling in tip top shape.
Dogs ears and eyes need special care, just like us and that's why we carry multiple products to help you help them protect their ears and eyes. You will find cleansers as well as natural treatments.
Just like us, poor oral hygiene leads to an unhealthy body. That's why we offer a wide selection from toothbrushes, to sprays, to plaque removing powders.