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We have safety lights, poop bags, ID tags and more!
Clix - Multi Clicker
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Unlike other clickers, the Multi-Clicker has a patented volume/tone control enabling you to clicker train even sound-sensitive dogs.
Made by The Company of Animals.
Dog Bag Duffels
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Portable doggie bag duffles that clip on any leash or collar that come in funky and stylish designs. Attaches to any leash, collar or belt.
Doo Bags
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Affordable, durable, multi-use, oxo-biodegradable bags. Glove shaped and  easy to use. Just put your hand in, pick up, then pull through and tie at the top.  
100% Canadian owned and operated.
Earth Rated Poop Bags
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Thick, tough and totally leak proof these bags come in scented and unscented versions. The dispensers have an adjustable strap so you can attch to your belt, bag, leash, etc.  All packaging is recycled and the bags break down quicker than traditional plastic bags.
Ezydog Click Car Restraint
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Make your dogs trip in the car a safe one while still allowing some backseat freedom. Great for keeping your pup under control while driving. Restrain them from jumping to the front seat creating a driving distraction or out the door when you just need him to stay put.
Four Paws Dog Tie-Out
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Safety for your dog while he's outside. Made from vinyl coated aircarft cable. Rust proof and available in various lengths and strengths to suit all dogs. 
Hamilton Seat Leash
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This adjustable seat leash is for Use as an Auto Safety-Restraint for your pet. It connects into a seat belt buckle and should be used with a safety harness. The leash is made with a deluxe nylon and a nickel snap.
Hotdogs All Dressed ID Tags
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A clear phone number on an ID tag that is easy to read is the simplest way to get your pet home.
These ID tags are light weight, durable and easy to read. The engraving is black to contrast with the silver or brass finish which makes it clear and legible. They are available in different sizes and come in styles to match your Hot Dogs All Dressed personalized collar.
Nite Ize Spotlit
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This bright little LED carabiner is multi-functional, mega-useful, and overall, a mighty handy little device.
Set in a lightweight stainless steel carabiner, it attaches quickly and securely to key rings, jackets, collars - just about anything with a hook or zipper.  Choose from two modes: press once for steady glow, twice for continuous flash. Water-resistant, long-life, replaceable batteries included.
 A great way to keep you and your dog safe at night.
Pop Ware Pooch Pouch
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Perfect for storing small treats for your pet when you are both on the go. 100% memory silicone stays closed so your pet's treats do not fall out. Non-porous, silicone keeps oils and odors from absorbing.
Dishwasher safe.
Rubit Dog Tag Clip
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The Rubit (roo'-bit') Dog Tag Clip is a simple, stylish, and secure clip that let's you swiftly transition tags to different collars. When you want to change collars, you just unclip the Rubit from your old collar and clip it to the new one. 

Available in small, medium, and large
Variety of colors and styles