Overall Health

Below are just a selection of items available to help with your pet's overall health requirements0.
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Naked Coconuts
  1. Coconut Oil
    Coconut Oil
Experience the fresh harvest difference! Most coconut oils are produced
using coconuts that have sat in a warehouse for weeks or months after
harvest. During this time the coconuts begin to ferment, which adversely
affects the taste, smell and feel of the oil. Naked Coconuts, on the
other hand, pay a premium to their farmers to have them cold-press the
fresh coconuts within hours of harvest. The result is the freshest,
smoothest, most pleasant virgin coconut oil possible.

  • Organic Certified
  • Non-GMO Project Certified
  • Virgin & Cold Pressed
  • Kosher, Vegan & Gluten Free
Suitable for
dogs & cats


  1. Natural Dog Supplement
    Natural Dog Supplement
Nupro All Natural Dog Supplements were researched and developed by a nutrition doctor. Their totally holistic formulas provide a rich source of essential vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes, that your dog does not get from his/her processed
food. In other words, what they are doing is replacing, with natural
ingredients, what your dog would normally have gotten in the wild. 

Their premium formulas can be used as an All-In-One Supplement for all
breeds and all ages from Puppies to Seniors.
Suitable for
  1. Tumor - X
    Tumor - X

NaturPet is a product line of Natures Formulae Health Products Ltd. that
has been developed in conjunction with Veterinarians all across Canada.
NaturPet products are all Vet approved and effective health solutions
for your pet.

  • Made in Canada
  • All natural
  • GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Process)
  • Veterinarian approved

Suitable for
dogs & cats
Omega Alpha

Many companies produce herbal formulations, but Omega Alpha manufactures supplements based on proven scientific research and testing, not popular fads and media/marketing manipulation.

Currently Omega Alpha manufactures over 100 natural health products, many of which have been clinically evaluated by pharmacists and medical or naturopathic doctors.

  1. HealthyPet
  2. Lung Tone
    Lung Tone
  3. Nutrify
  4. Optipet
Suitable for
dogs & cats
  1. Call of the Wild
    Call of the Wild
  2. Wild Things
    Wild Things
Call of the Wild™ cat and dog supplement helps achieve archetypal feeding patterns by providing organ meat, fats, connective tissue, proteoglycans, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, herbs and innumerable other micronutrients in the levels and proportions found in natural prey.

The proper pet diet truly mimics the natural feeding practice -- this is to consume nearly all aspects of prey, and not only the muscle meat. By adding Call of the Wild™ to fresh meat or our all meat varieties you can give your pet's all meat meals a truly natural balance.

Wild Things™ cat and dog supplement is designed to provide dogs and cats
with nutritious whole non-heat processed vegetable foods that closely
resemble what they might consume in the wild.

Suitable for
dogs & cats