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5 Myths About Washing Your Dog

Keep reading to find out why washing your dog is good for him and for you! And for the month of August, PennyPetz has all shampoos on sale. That includes our specialized shampoos that help treat hot spots, itchiness, yeast, skunk spray, dandruff, and more!

1- Wash my dog! Dogs don't need baths, their dogs.

Cleanliness is important for their overall health. Would you go a month without washing your hair? Plus it is a great bonding experience, you can check for lumps and bumps, reduce the chances of fleas infestations, it removes pollutants, allergens, and it feels great!

2-Any old shampoo will do

Dogs actually have more sensitive skin and you should always choose a dog specific shampoo which will ensure the proper pH balance. Using human shampoo can actually disrupt the dog's protective acid mantle and leave him susceptible to bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

3-Bathing too often will strip away natural oils

This is old mentality. Shampoos today are specifically made for dogs and are gentle enough to be used weekly (more often for dogs suffering from allergies and skin issues).

4-Excessive bathing causes ear infections

Rarely can excessive water in the ear cause infection. However, do take care by washing the face area with a wash cloth and taking care not to allow water to enter the ear canal. If it does, gently wipe it dry, allow your dog to shake its head and then check his ears again and remove any excess water.

5-Wolves don't bathe, why should I wash my dog?

Unfortunately dogs are exposed to lawn chemicals, city air pollution, indoor cleaning products, and lets not forget, many of our loving dogs sleep with us - wolves don't!

Here are some last words of wisdom from Christina of NuDogue Grooming "Most people unfortunately believe that it's bad to regularly wash your pet. However, the world we live in today is full of pollutants and chemicals. Pet shampoo is balanced for their skin and helps with itchiness and dryness, takes away harmful bacteria and dead skin and hair. Wash them as often as need be". 

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