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Survived Vegas!

First off I would just like to say that I really enjoyed the show and Vegas overall was better than I thought it would be. I had downloaded the app and planned out a map to cover all of the vendors that I wanted to visit. My objective was to meet as many CBD companies as possible and boy did I ever meet a bunch! It was wonderful talking to people who are passionate about their work and the power of hemp. I shared with them my thoughts on Canada's current situation and my optimism about the country changing the status of hemp and categorizing it as a supplement and not a drug. Fingers crossed it will happen soon especially since there is a high demand for non-psychoactive CBD products.

Another stop that was scheduled on my trip was the made-in-America, super tough, float-able, Ruff Dawg toy company. I had read reviews about their products over the years but at the show I was able to see them firsthand and I love them! An order has been placed and they should be arriving in store any day now.

Another stop on my tour of the show was to Pawsitively Approved so that I could check out their gorgeous shatterproof glass dishes. They are spectacular and would make a beautiful statement in anyone's kitchen. We had a poll on Facebook to see which colours were the most popular and today the order was sent.

A few other visits were made to Up Country who makes ribbon collars, West Paw has some new toys that we will be stocking, Freedom No-Pull Harness, Hurrta, Ruffwear, Sleepypod carriers, Bowsers beds, and so much more! You will just have to come by the store to check out all the amazing new products.

Some trends I noticed at the show were foods with grain from companies like Open Farm and Stella & Chewy's. With the recent talk about DCM (although a conclusive link has not been established) many companies that have always had a line of grained food, were promoting them while others have jumped on board introducing foods with ancient grains. We'll see where this goes but I am confident that if something is to change, the companies we carry will make the changes. Another emphasis that was noticeable was the sourcing of ingredients. It seems nobody wants products from China for example, and transparency is important. CBD of course was a popular product with over 30 companies at the show. Independent Stores only products were in abundance as well (which I like) especially with Amazon as competition. And lastly there were quite a few companies displaying outdoor gear for hiking with your dog, camping, adventure gear in general. Dogs are a part of the family and people want to take them everywhere!

Overall, I really enjoyed Vegas and the show and my hopes are to head to Germany in May for InterZoo. I am always on the lookout to bring the best of the best for you and your furry kids.

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