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Tick time....AGAIN

I feel like I say this every year, but the ticks are exceptionally bad this year and we are hearing of ticks being found on people who are just spending time in their back yards! Here are some things to consider in order to reduce ticks in your yard:

  • Put in a 3ft barrier of wood chips or gravel between any wooded areas and your yard

  • Keep your grass cut short

  • Stack any wood neatly and protect it from getting wet

  • Keep sitting & play areas away from bushes and trees

  • Remove trash and keep your yard clean and clutter free

I would also suggest using Mosquito Barrier for your yard which also protects against ticks, Tickless the ultrasonic tick repellant, AND remember, PetZacide is safe for humans as well as dogs (essential oils are not recommended for children under 2)

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