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Toys & Games for Boredom

The Merits of Play

Dogs & cats learn to play from being babies. They play with their siblings and mother as soon as they are able to run around and they’ll play with you in the same way, and they love to do it.  


Play has an important role in their life:

Bonding - pets will develop an individual bond with their owners through play.  Has your dog ever brought his favourite toy over to you and dropped it at your feet? He might as well be saying ‘please play with me, I love it when you play with me.’  If you have more than one dog/cat playing can also strengthen the bond between them too.

Training - bringing play into your training time is an excellent way to get them to learn and have fun at the same time. Add some well-timed treats and you’ll have an obedient dog in no time.

Exercise - all pets need exercise. Cat’s love to ‘hunt’ and dogs love to chase, play tug of war and find toys and treats. Exercise is good mentally as well as physically for pets and helps them maintain healthy joints.  

Mental Stimulation - play helps to keep your pet stimulated, happy, interested and stops them getting bored.  Try different types of play to keep things fresh.

Behaviour - a bored dog can become destructive and badly behaved.  Like children, you pet will enjoy a mix of play items such as balls, water toys, tug toys, or even bubbles.  

Play can help with behaviour issues
What to look for in a good toy.

You’ve heard the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’, well the same goes for pet toys, especially dog toys because dogs are really good at destroying them!  Look for high quality, durable, and safety checked toys


We stock a wide range of toys that are made to last as well as stimulate your pet.  If you are looking to exercise your dog go for balls and frisbees; to keep your dog busy for a while go for a chew toy that you can stuff with his favourite treats. We even have toys that help clean their teeth while they play.


There is no better way of telling your pet that you love them than by playing with them.


*A word of warning, some low quality pet toys have small parts that cause a choking hazard, such as a squeaker, or some type of stuffing.  Choose your toys wisely.

We stock high quality, durable toys
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