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Vacation & Travel

Getting Ready for Travel

Going on vacation when you have a pet can be a traumatic event for both of you if you are not properly prepared.  You may be travelling with your pet and staying in a cottage or pet-friendly hotel, or leaving your pet behind with a sitter or kennel - whatever the option, it is worth taking some time to get you both ready for what can be a relaxed and enjoyable time for everyone.

Prepare your pet for travel
Travelling With Your Pet
  • Exercise your pet just before you go so they will be tired and sleep for a while.

  • Plan regular breaks on the way and ensure your pet is properly restrained as you travel.  

  • Pre-pack snacks or meals and have plenty or water available. 

  • If you feed raw, perhaps consider taking some dehydrated food with you. 

  • If you are travelling for a long distance your pet may get car sick so be prepared for this with cleaning items. Frequent stops may reduce the risk of this. 

  • Always make sure your pet has I.D. on them in case they get separated from you.

  • Take toys to keep your pet entertained once they arrive in their new holiday location.

  • Check out specific airline requirements before you travel by air.

Plan in plenty of breaks on the way
Leaving Your Pet at Home

Where will your pet stay? Will you have a pet sitter at your home? Or will they be staying at a sitter’s home or kennel?  Consider these things:


  • Meet the pet sitter or staff before you leave your pet to ask questions and give instructions about walking and feeding as well as any special requirements (it’s best to write this all down for them too).  Take your pet to meet them too so they get to know them.

  • Does your pet get separation anxiety? If it is serious, you should take steps well in advance to tackle this.  Let your sitter know how long it’s OK to leave your pet alone.

  • Consider calming solutions like a Thundershirt or supplements to help with anxiety.

  • Try to remain calm and positive as you leave your pet - they will pick up on your stress.

  • Send your pet with familiar items including their usual food and treats, a few favourite toys, a blanket, and perhaps an item of clothing that smells like you.

  • Remember to take any medications your pet needs with instructions and your vet’s contact info.


Taking these preparatory steps will help you feel more confidant that all will  be well while you are away so you can enjoy your vacation.

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Works like a charm - made a huge difference on our trip to Florida!

Dre. Catherine B. Lavoie 

(Homeopet Travel Anxiety)

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