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Detox & Immunity

Why Do We Need to Detox?

Like humans your pet ingests toxins every day and it is the job of their liver, kidneys and lungs to get rid of toxins. We must remember that pets are smaller than us and don’t live as long so their organs have to do a lot of work to remove toxins. Toxins are essentially poisons so your pets ability to eliminate them is important for their overall health and longevity. Many toxins are recent in terms of evolution so our pets (and ourselves) have not become efficient enough to do this without a little help.

How Can I Help My Pet?

Toxins are found everywhere; in the air, water they drink, food they eat, household cleaners and fresheners, pesticides and medication.  It’s impossible to avoid all toxins but there are a few steps you can take to reduce them.

  • Feed high quality food and treats

    • The lower quality food you are feeding the higher levels of additives, preservatives,  artificial colourings/flavourings, and fillers they contain. Feed a balanced, species-appropriate diet.  Consider raw feeding (see our article on Raw Feeding)

  • Give them filtered water

    • Pets are just as susceptible to heavy metals, fluoride and other contaminants as we are and they drink lots of water (they are generally better at keeping hydrated than we are). 

  • Switch to non-toxic cleaning products

    • This is a pretty simple one and they can usually be found in supermarkets. Just think about your dog walking ‘barefoot’ across your floors all day and licking their feet after.  

  • Avoid outdoor pesticides/fertilizers

    • Walk your dog in places you are sure there are not high doses of these toxins.  Wash their feet when they get home.

  • Bathe your pet

    • Simply washing allergens away can help prevent them getting into skin and organs. 

  • Exercise your pet

    • Exercise is good for many reasons, not least helping to eliminate toxins. Exercise stimulates blood circulation which helps to move toxins to the liver and kidneys for processing.

  • Rethink vaccinations & medications

    • ask your vet about the side effects of vaccinations as well as how often they should take them. Also, do your own research….vets opinions can hugely differ on the pros and cons of vaccines but it remains the truth that vaccines contain a certain amount of harmful chemicals so at the very least a detox programme after vaccines should be considered.

  • Detoxify with supplements

    • There are many natural detoxifiers you can give your pet to help them process toxins.  Ask us in store to show you our range.

Immunity Boosting

In many of our articles on our website we reference immunity boosting because it is simply good for all round health and the body’s ability to fight off illnesses. In terms of fighting toxins having a strong immunity will help their body process toxins as well as giving them the tools to fight any issues that arise from toxin overload. 

How To Boost Immunity

Exercise - good for weight management, physical and mental health, and boosting immunity.

Good Food - again, a high quality food avoiding grains and including fresh meat and vegetables is best.  

Supplements - adding probiotics (ones designed for pets), Omega 3s (such as fish oil), Curcumin (anti inflammatory) and other pet-appropriate immunity boosters to their daily routine can be a great and easy way to boost their immunity.


Please do not hesitate to ask us about how to help your pet stay healthy. We pride ourselves on our Healthcare section in our store and we have spent time researching the best health options for your pet.

Toxins are
found everywhere.
Speak to your vet or trusted pet healthcare
A strong immunity is the basis for good health
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