Healthcare Suppliers


Welcome to BIXBI®, where the humans are good and the food is great. Every ingredient we use is carefully selected. And we’ve found that when you use great ingredients, you don’t have to use a lot of them—so our ingredient panels are extra short. Which is perfect because our attention spans are too.

Bonnie & Clyde

BONNIE & CLYDE PET GOODS is a family-run brand that develops and sells wholesome pet nutritional supplements. Focused on serving activepets and their health-conscious humans, the company’s products are made using the safest, most natural ingredients


Adored Beast

Using the power and common sense of nature as the wellspring of health, Adored Beast empowers you to once again become a true steward of your beloved animals.

Using the power and common sense of nature as the wellspring of health, Adored Beast empowers you to once again become a true steward of your beloved animals.


Grizzly Pet


Grizzly is a family-owned, U.S.A. manufacturing company dedicated to providing high-quality, all-natural pet supplements and treats for dogs, cats and horses ... for over twelve years.

Omega Alpha


Omega Alpha is a Canadian manufacturer of herbal supplements for both pets and humans. Omega Alpha makes remedies for problems with joints, mobility, kidney, liver, anxiety, energy, lungs, coat, and digestion. 




NaturPet is a line of all-natural herbal remedies formulated in consultation with veterinarians across Canada. Each product in the line is a non-drug, non-pharmaceutical alternative for pet owners who are looking for natural alternatives.




Inspired by nature and backed by science, Purica create new horizons in health and wellness by empowering you with the finest whole foods, supplements and lifestyle solutions.



The powerful formulas found in NZYMES Antioxidant Treats have been used by veterinarians for over twenty years to help maintain mobility and vitality in pets of all ages. 

The Missing Link


At The Missing Link®, they believe that pets deserve to live the happy and healthy life that nature intended. That’s why they offer superfood solutions and healthy pet ingredients to pet parents to help fill the nutritional void created by most commercial pet foods.



Naturally inspired pet supplements for dogs and cats fed fresh raw, cooked or dry foods. Part of the Canadian Big Country Raw family.




ThunderEase replicates natural feline facial pheromones for a drug-free, vet-recommended, calming solution that puts an end to unwanted behaviors like scratching and spraying. ThunderEase is part of the ThunderShirt family offering comfort for nervous dogs.

True Hemp


This unique True Calm® formulation combines hemp seed with active ingredients; creating a synergistic effect that promotes the reduction of hyperactivity and helps bring calm to their day.

Nutrition Suppliers


Big Country Raw


BCR's extensive menu selection ranging from Dinners with meat, bone, organ meat and fruit and vegetables, to Pure Formulas and Blends means there is something on our menu to suit all tastes!




Using primarily Canadian ingredient sources, Boréal dog foods will allow you to control the protein and carb sources you feed and help keep weight off and your dog’s energy levels where they belong.


Acana / Origen


ACANA & ORIJEN’s Biologically Appropriate™ foods and treats provide the ultimate food experience for dogs, cats, and the people who love them.

Made from Canada’s best and freshest ingredients




Fromm Family recipes contain only USDA-inspected ingredients. Their recipes are wheat free, corn free, and by-product free. Their meat and fish are free of any hormones or medications and contain no artificial

or industrial preservatives.


Healthy Paws


Whether you have recently made the decision to feed your pet raw or you are a veteran, you have come to the right place. Healthy Paws' fresh-to-frozen products not only capture the foods' nutrients in their richest state but are human grade, hormone and antibiotic free. 

Horizon Pulsar


Pulsar offers a selection of truly affordable single protein, grain free formulas with an emphasis on 'pulses' such as red lentils and peas which are highly digestible, low glycemic and antioxidant rich carbohydrates.




Dehydrated Raw Pet Food: Ideal for dogs of all sizes, breeds and life stages.

Hurraw makes the benefits of a raw diet accessible to all!



Proudly crafted in (Quebec) Canada!


Iron Will


Iron Will Raw is dedicated to making a premium raw diet for dogs and cats. They source our ingredients here in Canada and pride themselves on using local suppliers for our raw materials.  Their facilities produce the fresh, human-grade food you find in top butcher shops, fine dining restaurants and grocery stores here in Ontario and across Canada.





Naturawls use only Canadian meat

that is sourced as locally as possible.


Treats and dinners are prepared in their facility in Southwestern Ontario.


Open Farm


Open Farm recipes focus on a limited set of ethically sourced proteins and locally grown, non-GMO fruits and vegetables. We stay away from cheap, processed fillers and instead source quality whole ingredients, like lentils and chickpeas.



Rawz  provides your pet with a variety of quality nutritional options without the use of rendered meals, rendered fats or commercial gums. RAWZ  donates 100% of their profits (after taxes and reserves) to support three main causes: providing service dogs, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury.



Raw dehydrated superfoods with scoop and serve convenience!

No fillers, gluten or grain, and no synthetic vitamins and minerals. Only organic, all-natural good stuff.




Sojos complete and balanced foods combine the easy prep and shelf-stable convenience of kibble with the unsurpassed nutrition offered in real, raw food. The only thing missing is water. When you add it back, the abundance of flavor and natural nutrients spring back to life.

Tollden Farm


Tollden Farms believes that quality comes first. Their dinners contain only the freshest human grade proteins, and the freshest vegetables. For the vegetable dinners, they use whole cuts, and whole organs. All  by-products and foods are fit for human consumption.


5 Etoiles


5 Étoiles Natural Raw Foodis a producer of high quality frozen raw food for dogs and cats.  The ingredients used in their products are always fresh, natural and are of human grade consumption. All meats come from government inspected producers.


Lifestyle Suppliers

Bluestem Oral Care


Bluestem contains only food-grade ingredients, that’s peace of mind for you. While humans can spit out mouthwash, dogs and cats must consume their water additive. Bluestem is suitable for everyday consumption by all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats.

Kin + Kind


Carefully selected  ingredients without unnecessary processing and additives. Organic oils for soap. Essential oils for fragrance. Raw superfoods for supplements Organic ingredients and products are certified free of GMOs, chemical pesticides, and harmful farming practices.



For everything for your training, treats and travel needs this company delivers.  

Prt of a large and well established pet supply company they aim to please.

Skout's Honor


Their natural, professional strength cleaning products offer Better, Faster, Stronger solutions to your pet stain and odor problems. Their Enzyme-free formulas are compatible with other cleaners, require no pretreatment or special storage and handling and never expire.



The Carna4 difference means that you’ll likely see a change in the health and vitality of your dog. Unlike any other product on the market, Carna4’s fresh ingredients with bio-available, boosted vitamins & minerals, probiotics & prebiotics, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids




Crumps’ Naturals products have built their reputation throughout the pet specialty marketplace as being products that are:

  • high quality

  • innovative

  • made with minimal ingredients

  • free from additives, colours and preservatives

  • sourced and manufactured in North America




The KONG Classic has been the gold standard of dog toys for over thirty years. Their super-bouncy,  natural rubber compound is perfect for dogs that like to chew. Available in various shapes and sizes to suit all dogs. 



A great range of products including leashes, harnesses, travel items, and outdoor apparel.  All items have a Lifetime Warranty.

Planet Dog


Since 1997, Planet Dog has led the pack in designing and developing eco-friendly products. At their centre they design great play items but also create cool collars.

RC Pet Products


Specializing in everything you need to walk your dog; collars, leashes, harnesses and boots all made from super strong webbing material.  

West Paw


Whether you need a 'light play' toy or a 'rough play' toy or chew then West Paw delivers. They also  guarantee the performance of every product they design. 



Dental care that is also fun! All made with natural ingredients and colours these cool chews will keep your dog bust while he naturally cleans his teeth.